Saturday, May 22, 2004

Checking out the BMW R1200GS

2004 BMW R1200 GS brochure
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Stopped at the BMW motorcycle shop in Santa Rosa today. Finally took a look at the new R1200GS motorcycle, considered the perfect bike for traveling the world. The salesperson gave me a glossy sales brochure picturing the new bike taking on the wild mountain roads of Peru.

It's a remarkable machine, but HUGE! Perhaps it would be the best "equipment" for a 20,000-mile trip around the Americas.

I browsed the displays of riding gear: clothing, boots, helmets. You "need" $1,500 in accessories just to ride these days. Am I just being a typical "American"? We need to be properly equipped to face all eventualities. The mere thought of outfitting myself for such a trip is daunting.

Maybe I could just do it on a bicycle?

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