Sunday, May 16, 2004


Dropped in on Jessica unannounced. She was preparing for finals. "When do I get to ride your bike?"

She had purchased a Suzuki 250cc "Ninja" on E-Bay and had it shipped from Pennsylvania. She gave me the key, and a few pointers on operating the motorcycle.

I climbed aboard. (It was a little like sitting on a small scale train.) The last time I rode a motorcycle was in 1982 or 83, and then only briefly, delivering my brother Jeff's motorcycle from Santa Barbara to North Hollywood.

Awkwardly drove around the apartment complex parking lot, and eventually out into the street. Riding with a fairing was something new to me, where leaning into a turn, it looks like the bike is still going to go in the orignal direction of travel.

Less than ten minutes in the saddle was enough.

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