Saturday, September 04, 2004

Starting to get serious

Visited "BMW of San Francisco" today, meeting "Larry" the motorcycle division general manager, and "Jeff", one of his sales associates.

I studied the two 2005 BMW R1200GS motorcycles they had on display. Both were aready sold, and there was a waiting list for future arrivals. By November, they expect to have inventory on the floor.

We talked about bikes and traveling and, specifically, what I might need for my hypothetical trip to Alaska and South America.

I know so little of bikes now, that I listened with great interest to their advice and stories of the road, some passed on from other adventurers who have traveled my imagined path.

One thing Larry said I should seriously consider: contacting an acquaintance named Jim Hyde, who operates an off-road training camp designed for riders of these big bikes. It's called "RawHyde Adventures".

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