Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What "the doc" says

Yesterday, I visited my doctor to explain my travel plans and solicit his advice on vaccinations and getting prescriptions extended to cover the anticipated duration. He was open to working with me. He has ways of working around "the rules" governing maximum prescription quantities (such as prescribing a stronger dose, but lower tablet count.)

He also suggested I review the CDC literature for recommendations on malaria prophylaxis. The best medicine will be determined by my planned route. Mosquitoes in certain regions have developed resistance to particular pharmaceuticals. He also suggested I start working out. "You'll need it."

From my office, as other activities have died down and responsibilities are gradually shed, I've begun researching useful travel websites: the Center for Disease Control (CDC) lists country-by-country health risks and required or recommended immunizations. The State Department offers appraisals of the risks American travelers might face overseas, also listed by country.

I found an excellent website on the Dalton Highway, the "Haul Road" to Alaska's Prudhoe Bay. Read about bears and other hazards and dreamily looked at photos of the land.

I've started a preparation and packing list.

Tonight, I've even noted a sense of excitement at the prospect of my journey! Work life has been chaotic for so long, clouded by turf-battles, quarrels, mismanagement and endless schemes to rapidly extract maximum compensation for those in the "leadership". I had almost forgotten that life really doesn't need to be this way. I'm happy to leave this world to those who believe "greed is good". I don't.

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