Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Dalton Highway, seriously?

On "Motorcyclist Magazine's" website, I found an account of a ride up Alaska's Dalton Highway. Here was a report from a very experienced test rider, in which he was so challenged by the road conditions encountered that he couldn't face the return ride, and instead loaded his bike onto an airplane at Prudhoe Bay.

This was enough to plant a few doubts and fears in my mind.


Co-worker Shirley Carson pointed me to another website entitled "A Long Ride". "Dusty" Davis crossed the U.S., posting a "blog" and beautiful photos. I wrote, complimenting him on the quality of his work. He soon replied and we exchanged a few messages. Dusty directed me to "", his resource for creating the "blog".


Yesterday, I stopped in at "Barnes and Noble", again browsing through Long Way Round. "This is silly!" I purchased the book and took it across the street to "Peet's Coffee", and, over a stiff cup of coffee, read the advice they were given as they began to plan their journey. For a first-time tour of the Americas or Africa, allow at least one year to plan! For an around-the-World tour, two years! (This advice apparently comes from Chris Scott's Adventure Motorcycling Handbook.)

Suddenly my plans were appearing totally naive and unrealistic. And I don't have the financial resources, sponsors and support teams these two actors could easily muster. "Shit!"

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