Saturday, April 09, 2005

Under the weather

Finally up before 8:00, weak, aching and depressed. Realized I was reacting to the Yellow Fever vaccine. At my age, the body is less tolerant of such things. Overwhelmed thinking about the work ahead.

Washed the bike, but every muscle in my body seemed to ache. (I would later learn that “myalgia” is one possible side effect of the vaccine.) Through the cleaning process, I become a little more familiar with the motorcycle. Noticed the pannier, or saddle bag mounting bolts had worked loose and re-tightened them.

A wonderful, breezy Spring day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in a state to appreciate it.

Hung out at “A’Roma Roasters” for a couple of hours, reading 8 Around the Americas. It’s actually a pretty lousy book! Mr. Bausenhardt has quite an attitude problem. (Look who’s talking!)

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