Monday, May 01, 2006

Americas Trip Expenses

Here is a summary of expenses incurred for this "adventure":

$31,500 - Complete outfitting expenses (including motorcycle and accessories, license, insurance, training courses, equipment and gear, clothing, literature, maps, etc. (but excluding camera, computer and related accessories.)

$34,500 - Total on-road expenses (325 days @ $106.15/day average)

On-road expenses by category:

$9,600 - Lodging
$7,800 - Food and beverage
$6,500 - Motorcycle repair and maintenance
$3,400 - Fuel
$2,800 - Airfare (for both rider and motorcycle)
   $500 - Entertainment (including tours, museums, parks, exhibits, etc.)
   $500 - Telephone
   $500 - Travel and camping gear - on-road purchases
   $400 - Motorcycle gear - on-road purchases
   $300 - Ground transport (taxis, buses, etc.)
   $300 - Ferries
   $300 - Clothes
   $250 - Internet access
   $250 - Bank and exchange fees
   $150 - Borders
   $100 - Tolls
   $100 - Mailing/shipping
   $750 - Miscellaneous*

(*Includes supplies, gifts, haircuts, shoe shines, car washes, laundry, souvenirs, donations, bribes, gratuities for "officials", a $91 traffic ticket and a $120 theft!)

So what did the journey actually cost? While the motorcycle and most of the equipment and gear purchased in preparation for this trip are still in use, and will hopefully be for years to come, one must consider their depreciation. It would probably be fair to say that such depreciation falls somewhere over 30%, but less than 50%.

I think it's safe to say there's at least $11,000 in depreciation from the original $31,500. (The bike alone would have depreciated  perhaps $6,000 - $7,000 through the added 46,000 miles.)

In addition, I paid over $1,000 to store my personal possessions while traveling, so that should be added to the overall costs.

So, more realistically, I would state the trip cost me roughly $46,500, or roughly $1 per mile.

(Ouch! That's more than $143 per day. From another perspective, this once-in-a-lifetime experience cost much less than I earned during an equivalent time in the office.)

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