Monday, May 30, 2005

And we “cannot make one hair black or white”

(assuming one has hair,that is)

This, from an e-mail communique:

With this note, the Kampions may be more than a bit annoyed at my hasty exit, citing the need to be in Prince Rupert by today. This morning I found there was really no need to rush. The ferry was canceled due to a mechanical breakdown.

The options seem few: take a chance on going “stand-by” on tomorrow’s ferry, wait for a “guaranteed” June 4th reservation or drive up to Alaska (1,000 miles or so from here.) I’m told that if I were to go stand-by, I would have to leave the ship at each of the 4 or 5 ports and would only be allowed back aboard if space permitted. Northbound, they say, the odds are not great, since the breakdown has created a capacity crunch for the Alaska Marine Highway system.

Not wishing to get stranded in Ketchikan, I received a refund of the $422 fare, and will take to the highway. Who knows what unexpected adventures await! I know the Inside Passage is reported to be awesome, but that will have to wait for another day. There is no shortage of incredible scenery up here.


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