Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Beachside State Park, Oregon

Blowing sands at Beachside State Park north of Cape Perpetua

My first full day on the road. Writing notes by the light of my "Petzl" headlamp, lying on my stomach inside the tent. The surf is loud behind me and there's the occasional passing car or truck on the highway 100 yards in front of me.

Frequent signage along my route today warned of tsunami danger. Camping in this zone, I won't be surprised to have nightmares. (Full-moon-triggered earthquakes just off the coast?)

$17.00 for the campsite, but it comes with a hot shower and a beautiful wide flat sandy beach. Washed some clothes in the bathhouse sink and hung them on a fence to dry. At sunset, I walked out on the sand. The wind was blowing right down the beach, sending wraith-like sand swirls gliding over the beach's dark surface.

Passed the "Boil Water Test", inaugurating my Primus multi-fuel stove. Enjoyed some peppermint tea with honey, a "Balance" bar, a "Lindor" truffle and two "Tootsie Roll Pops" (thank you, Jessica!)

My body is unused to the positions needed to "operate" in a tent. Hopefully, in time, I'll become more accustomed to sitting folded or cross-legged.

On Drew's suggestion, I had checked out the campground at Cape Perpetua, just south of here. It was up a lush canyon, and very well maintained, but promised to be mosquito-infested, like last night's. Anyway, it was too early to stop, so I drove to the lookout atop Cape Perpetua to at least enjoy the panorama.

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