Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Along the Cassiar Highway

Stopped with 12 other vehicles on the highway just north of Kinaskan Lake . Crews are replacing culverts along this stretch. It's a chance to get out (or off) of your vehicle and meet your neighbor. I meet a man in the Financial Services field and a trucker on the highway crew.

The Cassiar has thus far been a mix of paved, sealed chip, gravel and packed dirt surfaces. No warning of the changes, and no lines. Keeps you on your toes, literally.

Earlier, I paused along a straightaway to photograph the contrast between right and left sides of the highway; recovering clearcut forest on the right, older growth on the left. While standing on the shoulder, I watched a distant car approach, then noticed one coming from behind as well. I turned and faced the road, looking straight ahead. The two cars passed each other directly in front of me, for a moment, all three vehicles perfectly aligned on this lonely highway. What is the likelihood of such a coincidence?

When it grew silent once again, I looked down the highway. A few hundred yards away, I glimpsed a large bear ambling into the woods.

Harmonic convergence point? On this lonely stretch of the Cassiar Highway, two cars, traveling in opposite directions, passed each other, precisely as they passed me. How weird is that? I wanted to show here the contrast between clear-cut and older-growth forest.

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