Monday, June 06, 2005

Back at the College Coffeehouse...

...because the "free" internet service at the hotel was non-existent (thus free!)

And they make good cappuccinos here.

For lack of any other options in Fairbanks, broke down and paid for a "Super 8" motel room for 12 hours. $112. That's about 10 days' worth of campsites. (I imagine the "8" at one time referred to the price of a room.)

But I slept better than I would have in a tent, though waking nearly every hour. Sunset was somewhere around midnight last night. It's very strange to be in a city with daylight that lasts this late. Children out running around at midnight, teens playing hacky sack(sp?), hot-rodders. The theater parking lot is packed. 24-hour restaurants abound.

Parked right outside the lobby and hauled most of my stuff up to the room. That Thai food went right through me. A mild bout with diarrhea. Perhaps spicy food isn’t the best thing all of a sudden.

This morning, I "washed" the bike ($3 for 4 minutes) and purchased TWO small gas cans at the Sears just down the street. (My reasoning: two are easier to notice than one.) Bill stayed at the same hotel. We ran into each other at the Harley Davidson/Honda dealer, where he was getting an oil change. "Are you lost?" he asks. No doubt. Bill said that when he arrived at the motel last night, there was a group of BMW riders who had just made the trip up to Prudhoe Bay. They said it was hell, and were questioning whether it had been worth it. Rain, mud, soft gravel and hard rocks; and on the North Slope, snow. No fun. Soon, I'll get to see if they were exaggerating.

Before packing up for the Dalton Highway, tightened fasteners on the bike. Nothing has shaken loose yet, but the Dalton will be the test.

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Jkampion said...

Pay no attention to those wusses. Peary did it with sled dogs. You have a Petzl!!!

Cheers, and safe journey!