Thursday, June 02, 2005


11:00 pm.

Carcross Campground just off the Klondike Highway. About 90 miles north of Skagway, I think.

The sun has finally set and I’m tucked in my tent. There’s a chill in the air (at over 2,000’) and thankfully only a few mosquitoes. An hour or two ago, east of here, just pulling to the side of the road to check the map drew a cloud of them around me. Throughout the day today, I’ve noticed myself scratching as I converse with people.

A refueling stop at Teslin. As I was inside paying for the fuel, I noticed a car with four your people, waiting to use the pump. I came out to move the bike, and one inebriated young man, hung out the door screaming “get the fuck out of the way!” I could hear his friend trying to pull him back inside and calm him down. Not the way to promote your community, I thought, and drove off.

I suspect alcoholism is commonplace here. At Watson Lake, the police were dealing with a rowdy group of youths who were drinking next to the library – at noon!

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