Sunday, June 05, 2005

Fairbanks, Alaska

"BMW Motorccyle Sales" of Fairbanks, Alaska. "George?"

I'm camped out in the "College Coffeehouse" across from the University of Alaska. Just had dinner at the "Pad Thai" restaurant down the street. (Jessica: I ordered the "usual", and it was excellent!) A little more expensive than one would pay in Northern California, but it's the first truly good meal since leaving Whidbey Island over a week ago. The only downside, they have no license to serve Thai beer.

Rode from Tok to Fairbanks today (about 200 miles) with a fellow named "Bill" from Littleton, CO. He's riding a 1987 Honda Goldwing and making the round trip from Colorado to Coldfoot, Alaska (up above the Arctic Circle) in three weeks. That's ambitious.

The ride was pretty easy, with a 30-35 mph headwind (measured with my pocket weather station!) scattered clouds and one good deluge from a thunderhead. But roads are generally good. A moose grazing a pond by the roadside nearly caused an accident as cars pulled over to take a look. It's the first moose I've seen.

My first order of business reaching Fairbanks was to locate the BMW dealership. I stopped at a Toyota dealer to ask if they knew its whereabouts. "There isn't one," I was told. But in the phone book there was indeed a "BMW Motorcycle Sales." Got some help with directions and found my way to the "shop". It looked like a junkyard in a jungle (see photo.) George, the proprietor, was nowhere to be found and notes pinned to his door alluded to his being at times difficult to locate. While I waited, figuring out my next move, a couple of guys drove in on a beautifully-restored 1951 BMW motorcycle with sidecar. They were looking for George as well, and assured me he does service bikes and is good at what he does. So, maybe I'll try to reach George tomorrow.

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Great stuff, brother. Be safe.