Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Great Falls, Day 3

To bed around 4:00 a.m., I think, then awakened a little after 8:00, the radio alarm was on, playing some Christian station, but the volume so low, it took some other noise to wake me.

Not much time before I had to be at the station. Started to pack, but thought about how much I still needed to do (and how tired I was.)

Called and asked if I could stay one more day.

“I don’t know, we’re booked for tonight, in fact we’re over-booked.”

She managed to fit me in though.

Looked at Great Falls Tribune on-line and found article about the investigation. It said a woman had been slain in room 321.

After reading this, I remembered the couple standing outside the motel Sunday morning as I unpacked the bike. I said in passing “you two are up late.”

I think the man replied “we’ve been clubbing.”

But it’s all such a fog.

I called Detective McDermott and told him I could be there earlier, at 10:00, and he replied "I'll be waiting for you."

He was very cheerful and happy to see me. I admire this guy's energy and positivity. He took me into a windowless room, and asked me to have a seat at the table. He wanted to take a recorded statement. We went over the details again. When I said I thought the noise was coming from the neighboring room, he asked "isn't it possible it came from the room below?"


I couldn't add any more detail to the information I gave him last night.

I mentioned a few times to McDermott, I wish I had acted differently. He reassured me at several points (both last night and this morning) that one hears stuff all the time in motels.

"You can’t go reporting everything you hear."

After the interview, he walked me out. McDermott was very interested in my trip and sincerely suggested I try to visit Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico (on the Sea of Cortez). I said I would add that to my list.

Returned to my room and continued working on the blog.

A man down in the parking lot saying “help, I’m being kidnapped” pulls me away from the computer. He’s joking with a friend. “This is not funny…”

6:00 p.m. have to take a break! Been at this all afternoon…

Returned to the Mackenzie River Pizza Co. tonight. Much more crowded, with several large groups. Tried the “Penne Broadwater Bay” pasta, which was excellent, accompanied by a “Driftboat Amber” beer.

This time, I complimented the manager, as a manager's leadership makes all the difference in a restaurant.

Watching the sky, which was fairly clear when I arrived. Even though the clouds seemed to be barely move, it soon became dark and threatening. This is odd. I’m used to clouds blowing in from somewhere, such as the Pacific Ocean. But here they appeared to be forming right above.

Up very late again, 3:00 or 4:00 a.m., or so, working on the blog.

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