Sunday, June 05, 2005

Tok to Fairbanks

Checked out, fueled up and went to Fast Eddy’s for breakfast. Saw Bill’s bike out front and went in. He was seated against a distant wall. It's easy to pick out the solo diner in this place. Joined him and ordered the same lunch as his: a Pizza Hoagie. Bill’s out of Littleton, CO, owns a tech services firm for small and home business needs. Makes house calls. Good idea. Both riding to Prudhoe. (Later found Bill only intended to go to Coldfoot. Once I had gone past Coldfoot, I thought how disappointing it would be to only go that far.)

He said he rode alone because he didn’t like to ride as fast as some. Cautiously suggested we ride together, and that he take the lead. He set his cruise control at 69.5, which was plenty fast for me. Fairbanks was just over 100 miles. Stopped at Delta Junction and saw a few other bikers, including a Harley rider with a Christian Riders’ group.

Mostly 70’s with one good downpour from a thunderhead. 103 mph wind measured above my windshield (at 70 mph).

Ever since crossing the Tenana River, Paul Simon's "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Feet" has been floating through my brain. "Tenana, tenana, diamonds on the soles of her feet..."

I led from Delta Junction. Approaching Fairbanks, passed the flight line for Eielson AFB with about a dozen each A-10’s and C-135’s (I think) lined up. “No Stopping, No Photography” signs along the highway. Eielson's in the local headlines; apparently it's on the Defense Department's chopping block. The community is rallying though to fight the decision. I think they said the base employs 3,000 in the Fairbanks community.

Reaching town, Bill waved farewell and was off to connect with a friend, me to find the BMW dealer.

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