Friday, June 24, 2005

Tunnel Mountain Campground, Banff, Alberta

An Edmonton couple I met in town, suggested this campground, a few miles from the town center. It's big and crowded, and, at $24, the most expensive yet, but you can't beat the location. And, the shower's included.

They also pointed out a pub in town and said it was really good. After cruising the streets of Banff on the bike, getting an idea of the layout, I went to the "Rose and Crown" pub, above a downtown corner shop.

I asked the server, "what’s good?"

"Well, my personal favorite is the liver and onions, but it’s an acquired taste."

My mother got me started on liver and onions in my teen years. But it had been perhaps 25 years since I’ve had the dish.

“I’ll try it.”

It was excellent, and brought back memories. A hearty (livery?) meal, with mashed potatoes, gravy, mixed veggies and a pint of beer. Live music started at 10:00, but I couldn't stick around. I still had not sorted out my "living arrangements."

Pulled out my previously overlooked pocket radio tonight and tuned to Calgary and Banff stations. I continue to be impressed with Canadian recording artists – many are vocal Olympians, very powerful and acrobatic. Given the right message, they are truly moving. No idea when I went to bed or finally fell asleep. The music mostly covered up a boisterous camper who talked late into the night.

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