Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Watson Lake, The Yukon

Along the Cassiar Highway, the Dirty Duo.

Watson Lake Campground.

It's just past sunset, and I'm wondering why I'm so tired? Because it's 11:30 p.m., silly!

Finally, the Yukon. What do they mean "light your pipe?"

Just "made" some Thai noodles on the stove. This and a small bag of "Old Dutch Dill Pickle Chips" constituted dinner. Arriving in town, I didn't have to search for the "Signpost Forest"; it's the main attraction. In the fading light, I made a quick pass through, intending to revisit the "Forest" tomorrow. Met, "Wayne" a fellow GS rider there. He was on his way up to Dawson and Inuvik as well.

The ride into this campground was pretty exciting; three miles of thick mud! Good practice.

Ran into Toddy again at Dease Lake this afternoon.


Okay, now for a bunch of photos from the "Signpost Forest" at Watson Lake.

My father's birthplace, Tonawanda, New York is well-represented.

There are many thieves represented here...

Flagrant misappropriation of city property...

International vandals abound...

Even Napa residents are not above a little petty theft!

Where will it end?

Well, maybe there's some hope after all.

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