Friday, July 15, 2005

East Aurora, New York

After dinner at Tony Rome's Globe Hotel.

Priscilla was off to work before I awoke. Called cousin Becky at 10:30, then rode over to "Taste" in sandals, jeans and a t-shirt. Camped there for the day, with bagel and cappuccino to start. Worked on the blog. Becky joined me around 1:30. For lunch, we ordered sandwiches: a "Millard Fill Me More" and a "Dolly Pardon Me". Remained there until 5:30. She doesn't have a computer, and hasn't seen the blog, so I showed her some of the places I've been on this trip. The shop is busy throughout the day. East Aurora a real destination now.

Dinner with my cousins Kathy, Beck and Priscilla at the "Globe Hotel". Tried the "Fish Fry", which turned out to be a huge meal. Except for us, the dining room was quiet, the adjoining bar not so.

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