Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Waterbury, Vermont

10:00 a.m.

A break in the action, hanging out here with brother Jeff. Eating, sleeping and watching TV.

Yesterday. Temperatures hovering in the 80's with humidity much the same (it's 80 this morning, with 80% humidity.) Took the bikes over to Essex Junction for service. Not the most enthusiastic reception. The staff didn't really want to be bothered with work (though I can't blame them in this weather.)

A laundry list of items to be checked on my bike:

- 6,000-mile service (at 19,000 miles now)
- Replace the front tire
- Check the brakes, which are grabbing (rode Jeff's bike to compare; his brakes are perfectly smooth). "Dave" wondered aloud if the rotors are bad, "which wouldn't be covered under warranty."
- Check out the loose top case
- Repair the leaking clutch housing (which better be under warranty)
- Check the leaking forward drive shaft boot
- Replace the rear mudguard if under warranty (it should be)

Too many things for an 8-month-old vehicle!

Went over to Starbucks for the morning buzz. Then to Eastern Mountain Sports to look at tents. Jeff preferred to wait to see what L.L. Bean had to offer on-line, so we went back home. Looked at Bean's and REI's sites. Finally, I brought in my tent and set it up in the living room to give him a better idea and to make sure he wouldn't be claustrophobic in the tent. He decided my MSR "Fusion 2" would do the job.

Jeff's hacking from a bad bronchial infection, which he says is diminishing. I hope he'll be well enough for our ride.

Late in the afternoon, we went to The Alchemist on Main Street. The place filled up as the dinner crowd arrived, and soon people were in line waiting for a table. It was encouraging to see a Waterbury restaurant doing such great business.

Too much food though. Feel like I'm getting soft here, lazing around. This is concerning. Surrounded by comfort - not good.

Watched too much TV: scanning the channels while Jeff napped; "Charlie Rose", a travelogue on Alaska, "The Bismarck" story on Discovery Channel, "David Letterman". The commercials are brutally incessant. Tortuous, but one just stays, sucked into the chair.

To bed at after 1:00.

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