Monday, July 25, 2005


Up at 11:00! After the propane truck, construction out back, numerous sirens and trucks passing down this residential street. It's a friggin’ construction zone!

Stopped by the Federal offices in Montpelier and visited with Jeff's assistant, Judith, his boss and co-workers. “I’d like to sign up for leave, so I can come into the office,” said one of them sarcastically.

We walked a few blocks to a barber shop that had three barbers (two men and a woman) working, and several people waiting. Haircuts for the both of us!

Over to Sarducci’s for a late lunch. Good food.

Later, rode our bikes to Capitol Grounds for coffee, Jeff in t-shirt and shorts, me in my riding suit.

Went into the Vermont State Employees Credit Union and wrote checks to pay off the balance on our property in Worcester. I figured it was a better use of our money than paying interest on a loan, while the cash sits in a bank earning virtually nothing.

Picked up Jeff's inferior yellow bike after its 600-mile service.

Looked over the map of the Maritimes, really for the first time. We probably should come up with at least a rough plan! I figure Jeff knows best how to get us up into Canada and to some of the interesting towns he wants to introduce me to.

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