Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Austin, Texas

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Watching the news stories coming out of Louisiana and Mississippi this morning, the devastation from Hurricane Katrina is unbelievable. The harrowing tales of survival and the psychological trauma so evident in victims interviewed, makes this little journey of mine feel so trivial and full of conceit.


Jkampion said...

No need to feel so bad, bro; while thousands yearn for a single bottle of fresh water or clean toilets on the Gulf Coast, dozens of others are having lipsuction or botox treatments in Hollywood.

You need to watch more T.V! There's a land of plenty beckoning to you, 24 minutes out of each lousy news hour.

No need to dwell on the bloated bodies, while GM and Ford are offering their 'family-plan discounts' and six tortured souls are suffering excruciating pain, wondering which one of them will be chosen as the next lead singer in INXS.


Mr. Elaborationist

timtraveler said...

Thanks. I feel much better now!