Saturday, September 03, 2005

Corpus Christi (Day Two)

Just my size...surfboard

Stretched out my departure from "La Quinta" until the official noon check-out time. Went back to "Mervyn's" to look into buying an additional pair of jeans, but couldn't find the correct size.

Found my way over to Guy's house. We called Drew before heading downtown to the "Executive Surf Club" for some lunch, then a quick look through the Texas Surf Museum (I hadn't even realized there is surf in Texas!)

Brad Lomax's Texas Surf Museum, Corpus Christi

Guy "hanging five" (or whatever it is you hang) on his 1981 Holder 20-foot sailboat, which he bought for $394, AND which he says will kick the butt of every other sailboat in Corpus Christi (once he repairs the mast, that is.)

Shrimp boats and pelicans

Following Guy's suggestion, I took a ride out to Port Aransas, crossing back and forth from Mustang Island on the ferry. Driving on the beach is permitted here. I tried to take the bike onto the sand and immediately bogged down. Amazing how low-lying the land is. There should be a law designating such areas as open space, exempt from development. The new developments I see going up on this strand will have us all paying. Even if storms don't take them out, supporting infrastructure will be destroyed and need to be repaired or replaced, subsidized by the American people.

Trying to leave Corpus Christi, I got lost and ended up wandering through new housing tracts and past yet-to-be developed fields. After thirty minutes, I was back on the correct road. Tall thunderheads moving east in the steamy afternoon as I turned south on U.S. 77 . Signs declare this a future Interstate 69 corridor. It cuts through vast, flat farmlands. It looks like a huge flood plain.

From the highway, as I pass through towns, I notice motel parking lots are virtually vacant. Is it the Labor Day Weekend? Price of gas? Hurricane Katrina? (Probably all the above.)

Targeted Harlingen as my destination for the evening and reached there before 10:00. The "Hampton Inn" offered rooms at $62.10, the best rate yet for one of these. I couldn't turn it down. I hope to complete all the notes for this "first half" of the journey before moving on, but the TV goes on as soon as I hit the room, and all the news is certainly distracting. Much criticism of the government's slow response to Hurricane Katrina.

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