Thursday, September 08, 2005


Thursday, September 8, 2005

Breakfast at a nearby "Denny's Diner", where I was definitely in a minority. It was pretty funny. I think there were about three caucasians in the crowded restaurant.

Broke down all my packs and took a critical look at everything I was carrying. If I haven't used it by now, will I need it for the remainder of the trip?

Gathered up over ten pounds of stuff to ship "home" and scrapped one long-sleeve cotton shirt. A "UPS Store" a block away provided everything I needed to send it all on its way.

About three cars in the motel parking lot, though there are about 40 rooms here. Gas prices and hurricanes have really impacted business.

Visited Anne and Brad's websites. They seem like they're having a much more interesting time! Much more gregarious than this solitary creature.

"Carpal tunnel" acting up again, the legacy of so many years in an office. (Hopefully, with the advent of voice-activated computers, this will have been only a short-lived phenomena in our culture.)

Dinner at the "Texas Roadhouse" again. They remembered me, but it didn't seem so great this time. It didn't help when a poorly-trained server slapped the plate down and left with an indifferent "enjoy your meal." This, and the constant cow bell ringing (as guests entered and were invited to pre-select their steaks from a refrigerated display case), the "corporate" birthday cheers and general noise level, all grated on me today.

Tonight, watched a National Geographic documentary, "Inside 9-11".

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