Thursday, September 22, 2005

My wonderful hosts at "La Casa de Don David": Kelsey, David and Rosita.


dunzo1 said...

All of your pictures are gorgeous! I enjoyed your post. Mind if I ask what brand/model camera you have? I'm in the market for one, but I want a *good* one.
Will visit again soon...Take care! :)

timtraveler said...

Thanks for the kind remarks. (Haven't I seen you in movies?)

The camera is a Canon EOS 20D, which I bought for this trip. It's rather bulky (and an expensive piece of gear to be waving about), but is pretty amazing. The only trouble I've really had is trying to keep the image sensor clean. The minutest particle on the sensor will show up in the pictures. (This is a new challenge for me, having only used film cameras in the past.)