Thursday, October 27, 2005

Relaxing in Cali

Dinner tonight. This is the life! I think you can forward my mail here.

Using Google Translator (thank you, "Emilio Baig el de Cancun" for recommending this great little tool!) sent off a message to Alvarez Barba BMW in Quito, Ecuador to try and line up new tires before my arrival. E-mail failed, so I transcribed the letter and sent it via fax. (I had tried to call them yesterday, but couldn't navigate their voicemail system.)

Haven't missed a meal yet since arriving here! The food is outstanding. Every meal is a pleasant surprise and includes fresh and interesting ingredients. This is far and away the best hotel cuisine I've found on this trip. The menu is created by Enrique. The atmosphere here is very positive. It feels like a big family. Enrique often invites guests to join him on his trips to the market, to immerse them in a little of the local color, and arranges visits to interesting places in the Cali region.

Taking Jessica's suggestion, looked in on the Santa Rosa "Press Democrat" news site. Nice to check in on the home front. The city of Rohnert Park is proposing a limit to drive-up windows. What a progressive move! Santa Rosa's air pollution has now been cited as increasing at twice the national rate over the past ten years. For those of us who have lived there, this was painfully clear (or smoggy.) In 1989, when I moved there, I didn't see air pollution. By 2005, it had become a regular feature in our skies.

Refreshing too, to watch "Democracy Now" on the internet. A good foil to the rubbish on CNN and Fox.


Drew Kampion said...

Good to see your notebook and pen beside your plate of food.

What do you do with your bike in such a place ... park it inside the "grounds" and walk or use public transportation/taxi for local trips?

timtraveler said...

You know my memory sucks. Hence the notebook - always!

The pension has a large enclosed parking area, with a 24-hour guard service! So, sometimes I walked, other times took the bike out.