Monday, October 17, 2005


Monday, October 17, 2005

Met Mike Young for lunch at "TGI Friday's". Mike is an acquaintance of Drew, a former Canal Zone "Zonie" and a Sales Director for Surftec Surfboards. I wanted to explore connections he might have with boats in the area. (One of his businesses is providing a "mother boat" for for small fishing boats up the coast.) He was a "wine guy" for a while in the Santa Cruz area, so it was fun to talk wine again.

Dropped by BMW to see how things were going with my panniers. Luis and his assistant got the telescoping sections straightened out, but the epoxied pannier hanger gave out immediately when we hung the case on the bike. So, now they're going to try bolting the thing together. It's unlikely to provide a long term solution. The pannier will have to be replaced. Hopefully, it will be ready tomorrow a.m.

Got involved in a dialogue on "Adventure Rider"'s website that turned out to be a waste of time and drain of energy. It seems I raised some hackles when I reported the R1200GS may have some serious weaknesses. That let the dogs loose and they tore into me and my website. (Of course it didn't help that I implied that some BMW riders never get out of the suburbs!) They took offense when I said that weekend riding on U.S. highways is not necessarily going to turn up some of the problems I've run into.

But there's no time for pissing matches. My experience is what it is, and theirs is also. It makes me wonder though if it's even worth conveying such information. It's such a sensitive topic!

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