Thursday, October 20, 2005

Moving on down (or up?) the Canal

I've spent too long licking my wounds here in Panama City. Today I'll move over to Colón and make inquiries about shipping to South America.

My panniers are back on the bike and appear to be serviceable. Luis and his assistant bolted, wired and epoxied the right pannier back together. I followed up epoxying the cosmetic finish pieces back into place. I doubt everything will hold for another 20,000 miles, but I may be surprised.

Checking out of the hotel, I learned that even though using my international calling card to call the U.S. (at a cost of about $0.03/minute), the hotel was billing $0.10 a minute for the local access (and $0.60 per minute for calls to local cell phones!)(Angry face.) Still, the calls "home" from down here using a calling card cost nothing compared to the $200 Working Assets bill I received for calls made from the Maritimes, Brownsville, Texas and Costa Rica.

My handy Petzl headlamp gave up the ghost due to moisture, or perhaps battery leakage. Can't tell. Lots of corrosion inside. That was a valuable tool.

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