Monday, November 14, 2005

Hostal El Carmelo, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

12:30 a.m.

Sunday was a day spent in the hostel. Laundry slow to dry in the damp beach climate.

Asked about changing rooms. Learned that there’s a disco next door that doesn’t close until perhaps 5:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday mornings. But I was assured it would be quiet tonight. Looked at another room, but decided to stay put.

El Carmelo is clean and nicely-appointed: stuffed chairs in the lobby, dark wood paneling, marble tile floor, posters of Peru's places of interest decorate the walls throughout, a quaint four-table dining area and a friendly staff.

It's noisy - the street outside is a major thoroughfare and, to sleep well, ear plugs are needed (at least in my front room). A single car appears responsible for many of the alarms in this neighborhood. Its alarm is set too sensitive and is frequently set off by passing vehicles.

Worked on the blog, posting photos from the past week, but still have numerous journal entries to do.

Repaired the right pannier, slightly damaged in the fall a couple days ago, then washed all my bags.

Dinner across the street at Si Senor, a “Peruvian Grill and much more.” (They also have a restaurant in Las Vegas!) Very expensive for Mexican food and for Peru. $10 for chicken fajitas and $2 beers. But I had my first taste of Cusqueña beer, which Tim Shaw said was “the best”. He wasn’t lying. Very good. In the booth behind me, two young ladies from the states, cousins from Georgia and Alabama. They were tired of Peruvian food and “would settle for a Taco Bell right now.”

Never made it out to the marketplace today. I’m leaning toward staying another day. I want to have a look at the beach too, which Drew says is a famous surf spot.

Caught the last half of a movie Festival at Cannes, a cinema verite style which I enjoyed quite a bit.

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Re "Hostal" ... I believe that's spelled "Hostile" ... or ...
"Hostel" ... but who cares?!