Sunday, November 06, 2005

Guayaquil one more day

Is it my imagination, or is this statue of Bolivar and San Martin a little homo-erotic?

Slept past 8:00. ("Lazy bones!")

This morning I'm working on my blog, with my computer hanging out the fifth floor window. I'm picking up a wireless signal from "Unipark Hotel" lobby, about 150 yards away. One slip, and the notebook's history. (But I've already done this for hours.)

Actually, I developed the routine of working off-line, then going to the window to log in and post entries! Occasionally, even former white-collar desk-jockeys learn how to adapt.

Received an e-mail from "Raul", the gentleman from whom I purchased insurance after crossing into Belize. He has been following my travels. I learned that insurance is just a job to put bread on the table. His real passion is art, and he hopes to open a studio soon.


After packing up, decided I wasn't quite ready to leave. "I'll chill out for one more day in Guayaquil." Yesterday had been such an absolute "black hole" and I wanted to take some photos after all. Played the tourist, wandering the downtown waterfront parks and shopping areas of the Malecón.

"Pirate" tour ship, Henry Morgan, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Clearance sale in downtown Guayaquil

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Drew Kampion said...

Yes, it's your imagination. Like I said, YOUR imagination.