Monday, November 21, 2005

Lima, Peru. Time to move on.

Expecting to meet "Kiwi" Brad this morning for coffee and discuss his motorcycle adventures around Huaraz, I hung out at the hotel. But he later e-mailed to say he had to run other errands and would contact me later.

My mind is growing very tired of the tire business, but I keep checking various sites for messages and leads that might offer some new direction.

Lunch at the hotel: "chaufa", the local rice dish, resembling Chinese "chicken fried rice".

A message from Anne: she's still in Huaraz, apparently having some bike troubles, but did not describe their nature.

Marc offered to loan me his "Lonely Planet" guide to Peru, so I could determine whether to buy my own.

Carolina says "now you have to make a decision (about what I'm going to do.)"

But I don't like the choices.

I started getting e-mail spam today. A bunch of it. Not sure why.

Finally decided that shipping only a front tire from Vermont via DHL is the best, most assured option. I can wait until Santiago to replace te rear tire.

On computer much of day. Checking for responses concerning the tires.

No word from "Revolucion" on the "Horizons Unlimited" site, the person who said they found Metzeler tires in Lima. Is that Brad?

Brad wrote to me late in the afternoon to say he was meeting other motorcyclists in Miraflores tonight and would try to call me. He confirmed that he is "Revolucion". The rear tire he found was actually a Pirelli, and a 140, not a 150, but would work for the 1200GS.

At the hotel this evening, met "J.D.", a fellow motorcyclist from Oregon. He's working with orphaned children in Cuzco.

No word from Brad. We motorcyclists are not the most reliable bunch! Went out late this evening to buy "Lonely Planet" guide to Peru, then went to "Café Café" for some really good coffee.

Start packing up for a lighter three- or four-day ride. I'll leave some bags here at "El Carmelo", then return to change tires.

A knot in my stomach: nerves.

To bed after 1:00.

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