Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Personal Assistant

Boss from hell. As I worked on my computer at "El Carmelo", I watched for hours as this foreman supervised two workers building a brick wall. He watched their every move, constantly berating this hapless young man. Perhaps he was slow to catch on, but it's no wonder the worker was unable to accomplish anything.

At "Flying Dog" tonight, Anne arranged for us to meet Ivan Guerrero, the "Horizons Unlimited" Lima contact (who had offered me advice on tires) and Alejandro Benitez of Buenos Aires, who drove up on a spotless R1150GS Adventure, wearing a sharp business suit and tie! He works for Cisco Systems here in Lima.

Alejandro said he knows Larry Saenz at BMW of SF. He goes there to buy BMW stuff whenever he visits Cisco's Bay Area headquarters.

Returned to find my room cleaned and completely organized! I had dumped out all my bags (when going through another useless "lightweighting" exercise yesterday.) Now everything was neatly arranged in the closet, around the floor and on tables (the housekeeper even brought in an additional table to hold all the stuff!)

I didn't know whether to be shocked that someone had inventoried all my belongings, or be delighted. The latter prevailed.

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