Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Marc and I went out to Pizza Hut for lunch today.

Finally hooked up with Kiwi and fellow-biker Brad Houghton this afternoon. (Last time we crossed paths was in Anchorage, Alaska!) He came to the hotel. Before heading out for the evening, he took a look at my bike (he is riding the same model.) He grabbed the rear wheel and shook it. "You have the same problem I had." (Too much play in the final drive, which, he says, causes premature wear of the rear brake pads.)

Brad, Marc and I went out to El Sol de Cubana, a local salsa club. Both of the guys have taken lessons and were looking forward to getting out on the dance floor with the local ladies. I watched from a safe distance. Music provided by a live band.

Eight (I think) beers later, carefully found my way back to the hotel.

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