Friday, December 02, 2005

Under the weather in Lima

Still not completely well. (Physically, that is.)

Slowly working on the blog. Wireless reception sporadic and “Picasa/Hello” not able to upload photos (not that there's much to upload at this point.)

Tried working at the computer station next to the hotel’s reception desk (hard-wired versus wireless), but this afternoon, Carolina was in a talkative mood and kept me occupied for hours, conversing on a variety of subjects. (Of course, I was a willing participant in the conversations!)

Stayed in the hotel for lunch of chaufa.

Working downstairs, I also got to partake in various crises.

When a car rental agent came to pick up their rental car, some Lithuanian tourists were outraged at the bill being "ten times the cost" they expected it to be after a 1,000-kilometer trip south. According to the rental company, costs were clearly laid out in the contract. Tempers flared. Unfortunately, the "El Carmelo" staff were caught in the middle of this drama.

The young Lithuanian fellow finally said he'd pay the bill, but he was going to his embassy to report the incident.

A big tour group from Holland arrived this evening. "El Carmelo" gets many visitors form Holland, as they work with certain travel agencies that cater to that clientèle.

Went out to the "Flying Dog" tonight. It was fairly quiet at 9:30. Had some wine and admired the Peruvian women. A familiar perfume in the air. It's incredible how powerful the sense of smell can be, and the emotional connections a fragrance can carry!

Afterwards, went over to “Café Café” for some something solid: a light sandwich, coffee and a piece of cake. Then I returned to "Flying Dog". No trace of my traveling friends tonight.

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