Saturday, December 03, 2005

Lighten the load?

10:00 a.m.

It would be really funny if, in retrospect, Lima turns out to be my favorite city! Especially after the nightmarish first impressions.

I've decided to stay yet another day. (Anyway, it will be muy tranquilo riding out of the city on a Sunday morning!)

I've about 8 journal entries to finish, so that's another good excuse for staying. I know it's just the comfort and routine that keeps me here. On the road, nothing is routine, nothing is predictable. And that's not comfortable.


Time and again, I've looked at all my gear,wondering what I can jettison, but nearly everything seems like it will be necessary at some point in this journey! I came up with only two more items to let go of, giving Carolina a lucite cutting board and bottle of hand sanitizer. Then she in turn gave me chocolates! (But I can deal with those.)

Police escorted our Lithuanian friend back to "El Carmelo" this afternoon. Apparently he was out in the streets, stopping traffic! I'm not sure whether they took him away after collecting his things.

A planned get-together at "Flying Dog" tonight. I was the only one to show (I have no life!) Sat and listened to three obnoxious senior American "gentlemen", talking about paying 15 Soles for a woman they could share. I took note of the wedding ring on "Mr. Big Talker's" finger.

I kept silent, not even wishing to be recognized as speaking the same language as these jerks. And furthermore, one of them talked about what a great wine "Charles Krug(sic) Two Buck Chuck" is. It's sucks!

Anne arrived about 1-1/2 hours late with her friend, Jen and two acquaintances from the hostel. Jen's flight from the U.S. had been delayed.

Later, I wandered back to the hotel, along streets I usually don't take. Many discos embedded in the neighborhoods. It's quite noisy and I'm surprised they're tolerated.

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