Monday, December 12, 2005

Sunday in Cusco

Anne "Anna Moto Diva" (right) and Canadian friend Jen with Jeffrey, Ohio ex-patriot and owner of "Norton Rat's Tavern", a popular "biker bar" in Cusco. Jeff invites motorcycle travelers to sign his guest book. In a courtyard below, is parked his black 1974, I think, Norton 850.)

It's 1:30 a.m. Monday morning. Just returned to the hotel.

Sunday, I spent eight and a half hours at "Trotamundo's", sitting on my butt, blogging on the computer!

Internet rates here are 2 Soles per hour at "MundoNet", and 1.5 per hour at "Trotamundo's". "MundoNet" is clean, sedate and "upscale", serving good hot chocolate. "Trotamundo's" is a bit more bohemian and quirky, serving excellent coffee! Their internet service seems comparable.

Finally caught up with the boss's son this afternoon. Strange, the clerk who checked me into the hostel the other day never showed up to work again!

Met Anne and Jen for dinner at "Green's" tonight, then we went over to "Norton Rat's" to visit with Jeff.

After Anne and Jen left (they need to be at the airport early tomorrow for a flight back to Lima), I stayed around and talked with Jeff, another Jeff from West Brookfield, MA who is traveling around the World (See: Link) and a couple from Cleveland, OH: "Gary", who installs clay tennis courts, and "Tracy" a medical researcher.

[July 2014 update: Sadly, I learned that Jeff Powers, owner of Norton Rat's, died in an accident while riding his Norton Commando, in November 2013. Here's a touching remembrance of Jeff:]

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