Sunday, December 04, 2005


Sunday, December 4, 2005

Up at noon, diarrhea plaguing me still. My body still feels pretty wasted, so I’m going to stay one more day.

Trying to make some use of the "lost day", slowly assembled my gear. Gave my helmet a much-needed cleaning, including all the inner padding that's removable. Replaced the faceshield with a spare I've been carrying since San Francisco. Washed the "Aerostich" suit and mesh riding jacket in the shower.

I'm not looking forward to riding with a full load again (now with a tire added!)

Heading out for some lunch, I started up the bike and a big cloud of white smoke came out the exhaust pipe. Hopefully, that's not a sign of a bad valve seal or leaky injector!

Lunch at "San Antonio" (have to make up for lost time!) As much as I like the restaurant, I’m not comfortable with such extravagance, especially in a city where so many are destitute.

The patio chairs have leather leashes for handbags! I notice the well-dressed women commonly sit clutching their handbags in their lap.

This evening, I went out for a glass of wine, or two. Sitting in a bar can be quite a lonely place. At least when you’re riding, you know it’s supposed to be a solitary experience.

Anne sent me a link to Lana Lowe's “lowerider” website. A Canadian First Nation member, she's also on a one-year motorcycle tour through the Americas, with a very different perspective.

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Genevieve said...

I notice the well-dressed women commonly sit clutching their handbags in their lap.

In South America, I learned "Advanced Purse Guarding." Despite my efforts, I still got my purse slashed at a tourist market in La Paz. They didn't get all the way through the heavy leather, though. It defaced the purse, but I didn't lose anything.