Sunday, January 29, 2006

Borde de Lago Hotel

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Whoa! The day (and the month of January) is slipping away. Slept until 9:30. Another hotel that's just too comfortable!

Coastal fog giving way to breezy blue skies. I hope to take a ride into the "Valle de los Volcanes" later.

In the second-floor restaurant, just down the hall from my room, an "American-style" breakfast is served: coffee, tea, juice, fruit, cereals, breads, eggs, ham, pepperoni, "dulce de leche" (a caramel-like sauce to spoon over bread), and "kuchen", a fluffy custard and berry cake.

Sat down next to the managers. The hotel has only been open a week, and there are few guests.

The music playing is decidedly American: Counting Crows, REM, Eagles, Madonna. In fact, I've heard several Chileans say they learn English as much through songs as through school.

Yarelli, the receptionist, has been a tour guide in Chiloé and at Volcan Osorno and had suggestions about what to see today.

(Sometimes it feels like the stream of names and places is just too difficult to keep up with!)

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