Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hanging out in Bariloche

The view from my hotel window in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Went out looking for a place to wash the bike, but the one shop people directed me to is on a dirt road. That doesn't make sense!

Worked at the "Cyber Cafe" until 7:30. For lunch, I "dined in": they offer good empanadas! Coffee and "Coke" kept me caffeinated.

Dinner at "La Machaza Parrilla Patagonica" recommended by the hotel clerk. It's located at "Bustillo Kilometer 7.966." I was told the "locals go there." A family-oriented restaurant, with a play area for the kids.
The same family I dined next to last night, came in and we waved to each other. Guess we're on the same mission, to compare parrillas in Bariloche.

Filet mignon, cuoso (medium rare): at least one pound for 24 Pesos (about $8). Bodega Del Fin del Mundo 2003 Malbec (46 Pesos, a little over $15), bottled water 67 cents, potatoes, $1.75. Total: 77 Pesos (about $26). An expensive meal by Argentine standards, yet a bargain to me. (And beef goes together with red wine so much better than does lamb!)

As is often the case, I had to ask for la cuenta, the bill. The fact that you've finished your meal, the table is cleared and you're "twiddling your thumbs" doesn't send a sufficient signal. Curious. Perhaps it's the standard, for the server to wait for your request, rather than "imposing" the the bill on the diner.

Again, I stuffed the remaining half-bottle of wine inside my jacket for the ride back to the hotel. (Don't know what I'm going to do with all this wine!)


Reminder: anything that's annoying or irritating - if possible, get rid of it. Its effect is cumulative. The sooner the stimulus is removed, the better the result.

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