Monday, January 02, 2006

January 2nd

Awoke to gray skies and rain.

Breakfast of some fruit, bread and coffee.

Walked to "Alexander Coffee Shop". It felt good to be out walking in the rain. The streets were fairly quiet, as today's another holiday.

(The soundtrack at the coffee shop is eerie; so many of the songs I've downloaded recently. Did one of my clones select it?)

Since arriving in La Paz, I've tried to get out and exercise my legs each day, walking several miles, including some uphill and downhill sections. My right calf still feels like the aftermath of a major cramp, but it's improving. I'm constantly aware of the sore ribs, especially when my lungs are working hard, climbing a hill or stairs. This won't keep me from riding, but I'll be a little less adventurous in choosing the routes, until I'm well-healed.

Another pizza evening with the gringos. After dinner, I walked over to the "Hotel Italia" to settle the matter of a duplicate payment I made. (It was only four dollars, but as a matter of principle, I didn't want to ignore it.) After explaining that I was charged twice for Friday, the manager agreed to reimburse me. I then told her to keep it as a propina (tip). Outside, I saw a covered motorcycle and asked who it belonged to. She showed me the names in the register: it was Geoff and Nina (from Cusco). She said they were out for the evening.

Indulged in a little TV tonight, watching a low-budget movie about the U.S.S. Indianapolis disaster in World War II (the cruiser sunk by a Japanese submarine, with the survivors left to float for five days in shark-infested South Pacific waters.)

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