Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Blame it on a poor night's sleep. Blame it on a quiet and comfortable hotel. Or maybe the fear of the unknown?

Anyway, I dragged out around 10:00 this morning. Mañana. Tomorrow I go to Chile!

Made my way down to my La Paz haunt, "Alexander Coffee Company." The streets were very crowded this morning. (There are a LOT of people in this city! And many walk.)

Checked in on "Democracy Now": almost a full hour devoted to the Jack Abramoff scandal playing out in Washington. That world of high rollers and power-mongers is such a different reality from life on the streets in Bolivia. Yet, even in the United States, with far higher standards than most countries, the material gulf between Abramoff and his cronies and his victims (the Indian Nations, for example) is astounding.

And I watched interviews with the families of West Virginia miners, and understood that in a nation of such wealth, there are many many millions trapped in poverty and ignorance.

Greed is absolutely blinding and corrupting. A clean-up of our government is long overdue. The nation's moral and ethical compass is in serious need of repair.

And each of us is complicit, as this state of affairs can only result from apathy and the abandonment of responsibility. We are so distracted by the trappings of our success and by our quest for comfort.

In this age, it is incumbent upon the most fortunate nations to lead by example. Yet where does the United States stand on the Kyoto Protocol and Global Warming, on the Geneva Convention and abuse of "prisoners of war", the United Nations Charter, the production and use of "weapons of mass destruction" (with the largest arsenal of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, with its active use of "depleted" uranium ordinance in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the development of low-yield nuclear weapons for the "War on Terrorism"), with its opposition to democratically-elected governments in Venezuela, Bolivia, Haiti and other nations?

Time to clean the house.



Sounds like the Tman has already started......Amen brother.

timtraveler said...

Ah, if only I can "be the words"!