Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cabañas Caleta Gonzalo

11:00 a.m.

There was a commotion outside as the 8:00 a.m. ferry arrived and all the "squatters" piled on. But I slept on until nearly 9:30. I think I needed it and feel better now. I now notice there is a stream flowing under the cabin "Pudu", which explains why I heard running water all night long!

When I emerged, my Aspen friends were gathering outside, ready to begin the day's touring agenda. (The four of them, along with their Chilean guide, had come into the café late last night, taking the table next to mine and inviting me into their conversation.) We chatted and exchanged contact information.

Outside the cabins at Caleta Gonzalo, Hal Clark, Monica Ebaugh, Geraldo Niklitschek, Bill and Carolyn Kane. All except Geraldo are on extended holiday from Aspen, Colorado. Geraldo, their guide, is from Puerto Veras, and is general manager for Alsur Expeditions.

In the nearby channel, otters played, while more close at hand "monster biting flies" were enough to drive one mad.

Big flies that bite. Horseflies are constant companions.

I went over to the café for some breakfast: fresh breads, good coffee, juice, eggs, cheese, wonderful local honey and preserves.

The Café at Caleta Gonzalo

Wow! It would be nice to have a kitchen like this.

Milena, the host said “You do know that you have to be out of the cabin at 12:00.” She is direct, no nonsense. Then, looking out at the clear blue skies, she says it rains all the time here. “You’re lucky!”

I wish I could spend several days here, but it's a bit too "rich" for my pocketbook.


"You’ll soon forget the misery, but the joy will live on." (Related to horseflies?)

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