Monday, February 06, 2006

Chile Chico, Chile

I've been camping since Puerto Veras, Chile, with few opportunities to access the internet. But I'll take a break in this border town to post some pictures before crossing into Argentina.

I tried to cross into Argentina yesterday, at a point south of here, but was turned back for lack of international insurance. That is the first time it has been an issue. And a big one, since I was at the fairly remote crossing of Puerto Raballos, and the roads leading there had been challenging. (But that will be a story in itself.)

Retraced much of the day's path, reaching this town five hours later. This morning, at a grocery store(!), I purchased a 30-day insurance policy for $20. I'm sure it's worthless, but the receipt should get me across the line. We'll see.

(The photos have been taken over the past week and are being posted, latest first. For now, all will show today's date. I'll go back later and assign the correct dates.)


2 Famous Girls said...

Wow! What beautiful pictures. Excuse me, but i think that you are living my life: KNOCK IT OFF!
i want to know where that fabulous little cabin is located--wanna go.
Enjoyed your blog.

timtraveler said...

I'd like to knock parts of it, like playing in the mud! (I didn't know you liked mud so much!)

The cabin is in Caleta Gonzalo, Pumalin Park, just southeast of Puerto Montt, Chile.

Thanks for your comment!