Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Day of rest

The end of the road, outside Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. Take the picture. Turn around. Go home.

At breakfast, I sat with “Mark” from Oregon, who is about to depart on a trip to Antarctica. He didn't convince me of the need to go see it. It's far too expensive a trip, and I don't think tourism should be encouraged in that delicate environment. Later on, I went out on the motorcycle to explore the city.

The above "end of the road sign" is unfortunately situated in Tierra del Fuego National Park. Not only do you have to pay 20 Pesos (almost $7) for the privilege of taking a photo at the end of the road, it draws all these people into the park who have no interest whatsoever in nature. (Like me,) they just want to take the photo and get out. People hire taxis to take them out to the sign!

Inside Tierra del Fuego National Park

Trying to get some photos of Ushuaia, I noticed several large hotels high in the hills outside town. I drove along the “Circuito Martial”, a controlled access road, lined with hotels, cabins and a ski resort. In the late afternoon mountain shadows, a bitter wind was blowing.

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. "The southernmost city in the World". (There are, however, towns further south. Across the Beagle Channel, there's more land! I guess that's why the call it a channel.)(When viewing this photo, you must think "cold"!)

Drove out to the airport, which is on a peninsula that juts into the Beagle Channel. It's up on a plateau, that offers a good view of Ushuaia against a mountain backdrop.

Looking south, across the Beagle Channel from Ushuaia

View from Ushuaia's airport

Dinner at “La Rueda”: “tenedor libre”, “all you can eat” for $28 Pesos. (I feel a strange need to rush, so I can get back to the buffet before everything’s gone!) The excellent parrilla saves this buffet from the mediocrity typical of such places. A shame my sense of taste isn't functioning too well, as there are wines I would love to try.

Ushuaia about an hour and a half ago. The parrilla, or barbecue, at "La Rueda" restaurant, Ushuaia. Meals are "tenedor libre", "all you can eat" for 28 Pesos, a little over $9. Not bad for the Fin del Mundo, End of the World. But drinks are mandatory with the meal, and if you waste food, $2 will be added to your bill!



Tim-- Oddly enough it's really the beginning of the road. A journey of this magnitude never really ends, as it is now part of you forever. Great work-- pictures and writing. I now look forward to ride north....saludos.


timtraveler said...

Hang on to your seat, Tim! We only have three months to make it home!!!