Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fin del Mundo

At the end of the road, reading the Kenwood Press. "I should be in here somewhere..."

269 days and 36,650 miles since I left my home on Sonoma Mountain, I arrived at a sign in Tierra del Fuego National Park that stated I had reached the end of the road.

I waited for the tour bus crowds to dissipate before I set up my camera, rolled the motorcycle up next to the sign, set the camera's self-timer and stepped into the photograph.

In more than one sense, it's a turning point. All along the road south the "unknown" lay ahead. And always, mixed with the anticipation, was an unspoken fear. Each time I recognized it, I realized that fear was simply a waste of energy. It would not excuse me from fate.

Now as I turn homeward, it is clear the unknown still lies ahead, and forever will. Whenever fear arises, I want the lesson of this experience to be that famous admonition: "continue because you must."

I think of the all enjoyment I've derived from having so many of you along. The dialogues through telephone calls, e-mails and blog comments have been an unexpected source of pleasure and support. First and foremost from family. But also from good friends like Mike and Heather, Sharon and Scott, Dona and Jack, "The Old Mondavi Gang" of Joyce, Janice, Susan, Shirley, Terry, Kim, Mark, Louis, Tim, Stephen, Jim, Josh, Russ, Lisa, Leo, Gary, Mike P., Mike F. and Steve. From Stephan, Gustavo, Jean-Pierre, Sasha, Richard at Hess, Klaus and Guy.

And from "new friends", Max, Evan, Tim "PAYNTERinFLORIDA",Tim Spires, Dicky "Muddyboy", Carolina, Emilio de Cancún, Jinx, Scott, Bill from Nebraska, "Don" David and Kelsey.

And finally, from my "riding buddies", Anne ("Anna Moto Diva"), Brad, Aki and Motsu, Mako and Fumy, Sacha, Jeremiah, "Toddy", David from Sacramento, Bill from Denver, Issa and Larry.

Thanks to you all! You're great traveling companions.

I look forward to our ride "home"!




PinF only wished he was along for the actual ride as opposed ot the virtual one. Still your travels were as well documented as could be with your writing and excellent photos. I believe we all felt as if we were along for the ride in certain places.

Your journey is one of more than just discovery of countries, places, and people. I'm sure as you move to the next phase of your life you'll continue to discover the many things regarding the impact and indeed effect these experiences will continue to play on your life.

Great writing, great photos, great courage, to face and conquer so much unknown....Bravo.

timtraveler said...

Thanks, Tim!

I always appreciate and enjoy your commentaries! You have a great perspective on life.



Are you stopping in Buenos Aires?

Dicky Neely said...

Wow! It's nearly over!? Well, I sure have enjoyed riding along, so to speak!
You'll have a hard time topping this one!
Buena suerte in tu vida! Que le vaya bien!
Keep in touch.

timtraveler said...

I'm definitely visiting Buenos Aires. I should be there in about four days.


You're right. This will be hard to top. I hope in the next "project" to focus as much energy and resources into something a little less self-centered though! And perhaps the completion of this ride will be the catalyst for such an undertaking.

Thanks for riding along - and I look forward to hearing your music one of these days!


babycondor said...

Congratulations! Your persistence, courage and determination are inspiring. You've created something of value for others and yourself by undertaking this trip, and sharing it with your words and pictures. Well done!

timtraveler said...

Thanks, Cathie! And I've really enjoyed having your comments become part of this journal. Your support and encouragement have been truly appreciated!


Jkampion said...