Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The hazards of blogging

The backlog of journal entries is like intellectual constipation. It feels like I can't absorb any more until I rid myself of all the stuff that has come before. I don't want to think about plans or even go out in the city and experience anything new, until this process is complete! It's clearly a weakness in my particular character.

There has been occasional e-mail banter this week, but generally things have been quiet, and that's not a bad thing. I did receive an e-mail from Pia! (You may recall, I met Pia and Sophia in Chile Chico. Those "famous smiles".) They are now back in Santiago, and we planned to meet for tea or coffee in the coming days.

After about twelve hours on the blog, I went out for a drive, looking for a restaurant. In the end, I went to the nearby Lider Mercado for bread, turkey, cheese and a bottle of 2004 Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon. An outstanding wine at a reasonable price!


Learned that fellow-traveler Jeremiah is stuck in Porvenir, seriously ill. Brad had arrived in Ushuaia. (Perhaps it was Brad seen heading south on Argentina's Ruta 3!) Nina and Geoff were now heading north from Ushuaia. And, finally, Anne, who had spent a couple weeks in Santiago having her bike repaired, has now reached Ushuaia. I haven't received updates from David of Sacramento and the four Japanese riders, Aki, Motsu, Mako and Fumy.


Persistent elbow and shoulder inflammation lately from the (unhealthy) combination of all the computer work and too much riding!

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