Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The most common expression coming to mind lately, "I'm back in the land of...(fill in the blank.)"

Today it's "Public Storage". This is a nation where people have so much that even their super-sized homes can't contain everything.

Another fill-in: "air conditioning madness". I have to wear a jacket in malls, restaurants and in the airport. It's a perfect 70 degrees outside, yet air conditioners feel like they're set at 65 (or lower). Whatever happened to windows? (Air conditioning was a relatively rare phenomena during my travels in Latin America, and even when offered, it was usually unnecessary.)

And another novelty for me: public bathrooms with soap, towels (or air dryers) and tissue! And they're pretty clean.

Paid a visit to the Dolphin Mall to finish my shopping spree. Found the Michelin USA Road Atlas I wanted, some socks and underwear. I'm now complete.

The baby boom seems very apparent here in Miami as well. Maybe I just haven't opened my eyes to it before.

Walked into a Sam Ash Music shop. I've never seen so many beautiful Martin guitars in one store. If only I were rich...

The Starbucks in the mall is a funny place. I stopped by for coffee and a coffee cake, which they put in a bag.

"Do you have a plate? I'd like to eat this here."

"We're not allowed to have plates."

"You're not allowed???"

"People fight over them. You'd be surprised at the kind of people we get here!"

I didn't even bother to ask for a fork. I'm sure that before they were removed from the shelf, customers were stabbing each other with them.

Miami's first language certainly appears to be Spanish. I've caught myself speaking to people in Spanish, even if they clearly are not Spanish-speaking.

I actually went to the airport for dinner tonight. (There's virtually nothing near the hotel, so the free airport shuttle service was handy.) La Carreta has a small restaurant in the airport. More Cuban food, which is pretty tasty.

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