Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Moab, Utah

I've been on the move for the past three weeks, exploring in a very general way this amazing country. I haven't spent enough time in one place to collect my thoughts and put them down here. (I've actually been recording them, but it's the editing and "polishing" which seems to require my being stationary for a few days.)

I thought Moab would provide an opportunity, but there is simply so much to see in this area, that writing is relegated to the "back burner". This town is certainly a mecca for outdoors people. Mountain biking, climbing, hiking, skydiving, kayaking, rafting, bicycling, soaring, four-wheeling, off-road motorcycling. The number of activities is mind-boggling.

When I arrived a few days ago, Moab was hosting a rodeo, volleyball championship, extreme sports competition and unicycling event. And those were just the ones I heard about.

I last visited Moab thirty-five years ago. About the only activity I recall back then were the sedate river cruises (which are still offered.)

Apparently, Moab's uranium-based economy suffered a severe depression in the 80s, but those days are long gone. The Marriott and Hampton Inn hotels arrive next year. (Wal-Mart attempted to come in, but was rejected. They will build to the south, in San Juan County.) There is no going back to the sleepy mining town days!

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