Thursday, March 16, 2006

Music in the air

Rested well, not rising until 10:00 a.m.

The weather report called for "strong to severe thunderstorms" around Austin today. Maybe there'd be some excitement!

Guy checked in to discuss breakfast plans. We decided to meet at "Kerbey Lane", one of Cory's favorite spots, across from the University. Arriving ahead of the others, I tried to get a table, but was told that I would be seated when my entire party arrives. I was taken aback by this treatment, though they were busy.

It was easy to see why the restaurant is so popular. Very good food and a great place to "people watch". Made some plans for the afternoon. Guy wanted to visit a few more guitar shops before heading back to Corpus Christi, and I told him I'd enjoy going along.

Breakfast was "my treat". Only after leaving, and getting a few blocks away did I realize something was wrong. I couldn't recall signing the credit card receipt and getting my card back. A bit embarrassed, I returned to settle the account.

A cloudy afternoon, but the storms never arrived. Guy, Susan and I wandered around Austin visiting several guitar shops. With the festival in town, business was brisk. The shops were fascinating, crowded with visitors. Just wandering through, I would hear little snippets of outstanding playing as people tried out the instruments. Guy liked to say that Austin and the Texas Hill Country is such a mecca for musicians that the person washing cars here could probably play better than him.

Late in the afternoon, we visited "Flipnotics", a coffee shop (and music venue). With coffee and hot berry pie a la mode, we sat out on the patio, music from several venues filling the air.

And out in the barren trees and gray beauty of winter plains (apparent even in this urban setting), the Great-Tail Grackles fill the afternoon with their own music.

This landscape and sky is familiar, from nearly thirty years ago, when I lived in Dallas.

After coffee, Guy and Susan departed for Corpus Christi, a three-hour drive south.

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