Monday, March 06, 2006

Taking a trip

At Santiago's international airport - preparing for airfreight

8:30 p.m.

I've been here since noon, making the necessary arrangements. The motorcycle and I are taking a little plane ride - to Miami, Florida, USA!

A decision needed to be made, and that was it. Done. I will ride from Miami to the West Coast. I want to see New Orleans and environs along the way, to get some sense of what they've been through.

Wrapped up in its cocoon

I think I need some time to decompress, preferably in a country where I understand the language (though that might be difficult in the South!) A return ride across the states is something I had been considering for a while (if only to enjoy the good roads!)

It will probably take a few days to get the bike back out of customs, so I might have a chance to look around Miami.

More to follow, of course!


Anonymous said...

que te vaya bien!!

Dicky Neely said...

What y'all jabberring about? Sho nuff y'all can understand the way we'uns down here talk!We talk right good!
I hope you get a chance to come through Corpus Christi. I've got some room if you need a place to stay.
See ya,
back online again after two weeks! Dicky

Carl said...

Tim, congratulations for achieving your goal - you should be proud of yourself for having done it.

Drew Kampion said...

Looking forward to seeing you, bro. I'd also be looking forward to hearing all about your trip but ... well ... we've heard all about your trip!!!

timtraveler said...


You're scaring me now!


(Is that as in "Mautz"?)



I guess I won't have much to talk about! That will be be nice.

BMWSales said...

Hello my name is David Boerman and I work at Desert BMW of Henderson. Just wanted to say high and let you know your Sister and Brother In-law just bought a 2002 745li. And told me you can use it for your next around the world trip. Anyway I would love to do what you are doing now.

Anonymous said...

Now Dicky, my understanding is that you aren't a southerner, but a Texan and your dialect is different. I have relatives from the south, Mississippi and New Orleans, to be exact, and their dialect differs makedly from the Texas drawl.

from Sonoma county California, who knows what dialect we speak!

timtraveler said...


When I get to Vegas, would you like to trade another of those 745s for my GS? Then you can do what I've been doing (and I can do what you've been doing!)