Friday, April 14, 2006

Americas Trip Maps

North America with the return route from Miami to California overlaid

From Central America to Tierra del Fuego

The first leg of the journey, through North America to Central America. It's hard to imagine that if you stetched out this squiggly line, it would stretch around the World, but it would! (Maps courtesy of CIA.)

2 comments: said...

Hi Tim,

Owning a 2005 GS since 3 months myself I have read your blog with interest.
Man, you have made som nice trips and had your share of mallfunctions and breakdowns.
Mine just had the transmision seals and clutch replaced.(waranty from the dealer).
Hope the rest will keep on working as it should, I preveously owned a CBR1100 for 10 years, nothing ever broke......
But I love to ride my GS it's such a magnifficent machine.

Keep on riding !!

Greets from The Netherlands!

timtraveler said...

Greetings, Robbert!

Thanks for sharing your experience. I wish Honda had made the R1200GS - it probably would be more trouble-free!

I agree with you - I have never ridden anything this fun!

It's good that the warranty covered those repairs. I think they have improved the seals now. This was a significant problem with the early R1200GS models.

Happy trails!